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City Church

A great church in a great community

Church History


In August of 1948, Rev. Ben Farrington and Rev. Richard Nuckles started a revival that was originally set to run for two weeks, but ended up lasting six. Soon after, the church was organized by some that had attended the meetings but there was no land, building, or bank account. They started out purely on faith.

On September 25th, that same year, Rev. Frank Gales was called as pastor. The first business meeting was held about a week later at the revival tent where the church was named The Honey And Rock Missionary Baptist Church. In addition, the church received a donation of two acres of land. The building was completed on November 20th, 1948.

The name was eventually changed to Northwest Baptist Church and on October 20th, 1951 the church voted for and built an addition onto the building. Services were held thereĀ  until 1972, when we moved into the present building.